Visualization is the ability to see something of your choice in your mind. We might use this in our everyday lifes but not notice it. Let's say you see a chocolate bar so you might picture yourself eating it. Visualization is key in psionics.

Visualization Tech #1Edit

Close your eyes and meditate untill your mind is clear of thoughts. Then picture yourself sitting in a forest and bright, Beutiful wings spreading from behind you. When you get good try to do it with your eyes open.

Visualization Tech # 2Edit

Close your eyes and meditate untill your mind is clear of thoughts. Then start to visualize a trail with trees down the sides. feel the breeze and hear the wind. try to see the trees swaying in the breeze. You then reach the end of the trail and there is a beach. Again try to hear the water crash on the shore. feel the hot sand beneath your feet.