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A digital representation of Umbral energy

Umbrakinesis is the name of the mental ability to manipulate and sometimes generate Umbral energy.

Umbral energyEdit

Umbral energy is a dark and chaotic energy, it is also fairly dangerous to use but is incredibly powerful. Umbral energy comes through weak-points between our dimension and the Umbral dimension, where most Umbral energy is created. Not all energy is created there, and if one person trains enough with Umbrakinesis, they will start to naturally create the energy.

Umbral dimensionEdit

The Umbral dimension is a dimension where Umbral energy is created, it is also a place full of Umbral entities and is incredibly hard to get to and dangerous to stay. 


This section is for the initial training of Umbrakinesis.

Visibility -Edit

The visibility tech is easiest and safest and quickest way possible to both learn UmbraK and make the energy visible, to aid future training.

  1. Position your index finger and thumb one inch apart.
  2. Visualize a dark blue/dark purple energy going between them and glowing.
  3. repeat step 2 until results.

This tech should be done as much as possible, do for at least an hour and a half overall a day for a week to get results.

Telekinesis -Edit

Once you can make the energy visible, it is time to affect objects with it, for this you need a piece of paper folded so it can stand up.

  1. Place the paper onto a table or desk.
  2. Tightly press your middle and index finger together.
  3. Visualize the energy coming out of the tips.
  4. Using the energy, push the paper.

Advanced energy control -Edit

In order to do these other techs, you must be able to manipulate Umbral energy as if it is a arm or a leg, there is no tech that can tell you how to do this, but you must before you move on.

Pain -Edit

This tech is to make others feel pain, this is done by touching them so you need to be able to do this quickly.

  1. When you have contact with the subject, quickly fire energy into them.
  2. Using visualization, target the nociceptors, I visualize blue nerves and direct the energy at them.

Creating a basic Umbra-ball -Edit

This tech is the basis for many others.

  1. Cup your hands as if you were holding a ball.
  2. Send out energy and shape it into a ball shape.
  3. Visualize the outer energy turning into a solid metal.
  4. Program any intent you want 

Umbra-bomb -Edit

  1. Create a Umbra-ball
  2. Visualize an exlosion, and destruction, make sure you use energy to freeze the ball first though, to prevent a premature explosion.
  3. Place that intent into the ball.
  4. Explode stuff :)

Induced sleep -Edit

  1. Gather some energy in your middle and index finger.
  2. Place it on the subject. (Or yourself.)
  3. Visualize sleep, it could be Z's, bubbles, anyhing, going through the energy and into the target.

Umbrakinesis MentorsEdit

Nitsualol24 - Contact him on kik messenger (cerealkiller) or skype (Ironsneak)