Telepathy is the psionic ability to communicate others by sending thoughts using the mind. A user from beginner level can communicate with someone from a short distance in a same room area, with much focus. A skillful user can communicate with a larger area than the beginner level, but needs to have more focus to achieve it. An advance is able to communicate someone far away with much training, and could have a multi group conversation using Telepathy. The user can send images to show the other person or someone else to find objects when that particular person is away.


This ability is well known for many things. 1 is Twin telepathy, which is this mental bond with another close sibling, sharing thoughts and feelings. Though it's rare, it does happens. Another is mother intuition. Believe it or not, many mothers has this ability to sense their child is being hurt, or in danger by telepathic means. Another is most popular: Finishing a sentence before that person says it all. It's really common now in days, which is a sign of being a natural telepath. People are seen doing this almost everyday, which is a exercise of their telepathic abilities.

 developing telepathyEdit

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