We want a nice, fun wiki so here are some ground rules:

  • No spamming (of any kind).
  • No cursing unless in PM (even then limit it please).
  • No promoting other wikis (even if they are related to this one).
  • No scams.
  • No sharing links of porn or nudity to anyone on this wikis.
  • No Threats.
  • No asking for personal info, unless you can get it from a profile ( If they wanted you to know, they would've told you).
  • No asking for boyfriend or girlfriends (It results in drama).
  • No All caps (unless necessary).
  • No making fun of others in any way shape or form (bullying and degrading of others will not be tolerated).
  • No Blasphemy or telling others that their gods are not real (we are all entitled to our own beliefs).

If anyone breaks these rules it will result in kick or ban depending on the severity of the action.