Astral projection is the talent to leave your physical body and explore astral realms, or even explore the vast of the universe before you.


When you astral project, you are simply making your inner self leave from the body to the world you want to go. Their's also a silver cord connect to your physical and astral body, so if any danger comes, you can reel yourself back in to your body and wake up. The astral body is almost indestructible against falls, harmful material, and even death when out of the body.


1. Find a comfortable quiet area, begin to lie down or meditate, relax.

2. Visualize a bright door and being the brightest door you have seen.

3. Imagine your astral body moving from the physical body, to the door, walking towards it.

4.Focus on the destination on where you wish to go.

This technique will take sometime to get down, but once done, it will be very easy to project.